When I got invited to have a session with Marian I had to think twice. The workshop of Marian I attended was very confronting. And I was very frustrated about my money mindset and Marian knew how to push this button. Auw…, but my curiosity won over my fear. A week later she told me about her Creating Value Cards. I was very insecure about the value I offer my clients. I found out that I could not stand 100% in my power and asked too little financial compensation for my services. The Creating Value Card she chose, gave me the assignment to write down 25 results that my clients will achieve. It gave me a greater sense of value and it helped my self worth. Because of this I got more confidence to ask fair prices for the value I deliver.

Klazien Schaap – www.lovehacks.nl

After a skype sessions with Marian I got the insight that it is important to investigate my ambitions and set measurable goals. I was also not convinced of the advantages for my client buying my products and was not aware of the prices I could ask. With one of her Creating Value Cards I wrote down 25 advantages for my clients if they would decide to buy an ebook cover. It helped me enormously to see my own value. It is also super handy in my marketing texts, to show my clients the value I deliver, so they are willing to pay my price.

Kamiel van Ingen – www.desingo.nl