Did you find your ideal strategic partner?

A great way to grow your business is to find a strategic partner, somebody you can join forces with.

Did you find your ideal strategic partner yet?
Who are the strategic partners you want to work with? Who can add value to your success?

To succeed and grow in your business, you need the help of others. Finding strategic partners who add value to your business is a goal in itself. This too is a component of working smarter by joining forces with others.

My story

I have been looking for strategic partnerships for a long time. It took me awhile to find partners I could trust and that lived up to my expectations. I wanted to grow my business but I didn’t want personnel on my payroll. I was looking for equal partnerships, partners that add value to my business and life and also the other way around. It was a quest for me, especially finding a partner that helps you grow in your business.

I made some bad decisions because it was based on the wrong reasons: I choose a partner, that didn’t have the same values I have. I made extra money, but the relationship drained me and didn’t make me happy.
I choose a young social media expert, but I didn’t check her achievements because I wanted to give her a chance. I ended up unhappy with her: she asked a lot of money, but no results.

I learned from my mistakes: there has to be a balance between value for yourself and value for your partner.

So, finding your ideal strategic partner is not that easy. It is like finding your ideal client. You have to be specific and write down who and what you are looking for.

Where to look for great partnerships?

Everybody can be your strategic partner: suppliers like website designers, accountants, manufacturers of your products, or collaborations with complementary service providers, and even competitors.

Who are your strategic partners?

Write down which partners could help you. Ask yourself how they can contribute to your success. If there is no added value to your business, then it’s probably not the strategic partner you are looking for. Share your ideas with me in the comments below.

Are you ready for real change?

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