Do you know the movie on Tina Turner’s life: What’s love gotta do with it? Her breakthrough came when Tina found the courage to leave Ike after she was introduced to  Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. Buddhism also brought me a breakthrough in my life, in my business.
I also struggled for years with the same challenges of entrepreneurship.
When I decided to work for myself I started selling my services from one day to another, based on an hourly rate. I didn’t even think of any other way. I worked hard and clocked up many hours. Each time my assignment came to an end I got nervous and worried whether I would find more clients and if not, if my savings were sufficient to pull me through. I even had sleepless nights.

And this blocked me even more, until I understood how I could adapt my Buddhist practices to my business. I realised that it all depended on how I coped with my challenges. I realised there is only 1 thing that I can change, and that is my attitude regarding problems (seeing them as moments of learning) and by taking action  I could change my situation. I am not dependent on my environment, it all revolves around me being happy and my happiness affects my environment.

This breakthrough gave me confidence and I felt powerful and a peace of mind. It gave me more balance in my life. I took action and made an action plan based on these Buddhist principles. That way forward brought me a strategy and a focus. Since then I have wanted nothing more than to share the action plan with other women entrepreneurs to help them avoid my mistakes and enable them to reach their goals more easily, adapting these Buddhist principles to their business. If I had followed this action plan when I started out as entrepreneur, my business would have looked very different today.

Take action too

Take control to create your own success by focussing on the right things and by taking action with the right steps at the right time. My action plan, the BIZZ Road Map will lead you to the creation of your own success. Once you are fully in line with your personal strength, you will take action. If you panic, or are unsure of yourself, you will create nothing. It paralyses you. That is the reason why the first steps of the BIZZ Road Map take you back to basics: to your mind-set and personal value(s). In this way you connect with your heart and your “WHY”. The path of the BIZZ Road Map starts with awareness: where does your strength lie, where do you get energy so that your business can grow?