bizz road map

This action plan enables you to work concretely in 10 steps on the growth of your business: from mind-set and personal value(s) to ideal client and products, including a different revenue stream and strategic partners.

The path of the BIZZ Road Map starts with awareness: where does your strength lie, where do you get energy so you can grow your business? It will help you to use your talent and passion to set up a profit making business or to grow your business. With as ultimate goal to take action to reach your own goals. It is all a matter of focus: doing the right things at the right time.

Working smarter

How can you earn more without working harder? You will learn how to look at your business in a different way and how to earn more money by working smarter. Working smarter by using your talents and passion to help more clients. Creating from within your personal value(s), more added value for your clients. So that your satisfied clients happily pay your prices. By following the action plan you will let go of what is not working and start thinking “out of the box” how you can do this differently. You will work smarter by thinking in terms of products and scalable services with different revenue streams.


More balance

You will connect with your heart and your “WHY”. Therefore you will follow your heart and passion more, and lead your business from your personal value(s). Doing the things that make you and your clients. By following the BIZZ Road Map, you know what you need to do, which steps you need to take to reach your goals. All of this will help you achieve more peace of mind and find balance in your life.


Taking action

In the end this will provide you with a complete picture of your business, with the products/services that you create to be profitable: your winning formula. But you will not achieve this without action, action and yet more action. No action, no change! In order to get there you need courage, wisdom and compassion (the attributes of the Buddha). You need courage and wisdom to actually take action and let go of what is not working. Compassion for yourself when you think “out of the box” and make mistakes. You will make mistakes during the process, but mistakes are moments of learning and ensure growth!


Focus on your goals

Women are often busy with many things at the same time. This can distract you from the defined path. Focussing on the right things and the right steps will indeed bring you closer to your goals. By following the steps, you focus on the things that are needed at that moment. You will set goals, and achieve them. Doing the right things at the right moment.