Start thinking bigger! Create products

It is time to think bigger..

When you have figured out exactly who your ideal client is, you can discover which products and services will satisfy your client’s greatest needs. Which key activities do you perform to realise these? Which resources do you need?

You know your target group and their problems, and the challenges they’re facing. How can you offer a solution? It’s all about helping your clients with all of your heart and passion. If what you say, what you think and what you do is aligned, then money, clients and possibilities will follow effortlessly.

What’s your experience?

It’s important to help your clients from your own experience, and to follow your own heart.

Which personal experiences can you use to help others? What results did you achieve? Sit down, clear your head and write your story.

What gives you energy? Does it come from the product/service that is the most profitable? Or does it come from an experience where you got fantastic results? Write down how you can help your clients and what you can solve for them. Where do you get the most energy and what would you like to achieve with your business? Are you already doing this?

Change your formats

If you have always thought in terms of paid hours, now it’s time to start thinking in products, tools, working methods, action plans, methodologies…

Is it possible that what you previously applied to one client could be formatted in a way as to help many clients?

For example: you coach one on one, paid by the hour. Since you work on an hourly basis, you can only help a limited number of clients. Imagine if you were to develop your coaching method into a methodology you could teach others: a train the trainer program. In this way, you could suddenly help a lot more clients.

This way of thinking enables you to move beyond the hourly rate model and start thinking bigger.

My story

I had a hard time to think bigger. I was used to sell my hours and could’t set my mind to change it, because I just couldn’t see it. But when I went to China to help an entrepreneur with his finances and his business model I saw the bigger picture. That’s when I got the idea for the 10 steps of my BIZZ Road Map, that I follow myself and that helps me to get from hourly fees to products. That helped me to see the bigger picture of my business, my business model. And after I decided who I wanted to help, what  problems they have and how I can help them, it was easy to think bigger. I came up with a method, a book and I am working on an online program. What a change this was in my business! And all you need is just one person, that helps you on your way with the right questions!

What’s your story?

How can you remodel your strategies into something that can help more people without having to invest more hours of your time? Write down as many of the ideas that cross your mind in the comment section. I’d love to hear your ideas and creativity on this.

Are you ready for real change?

You can create your own success by focussing on the right things. But sometimes we need help, a friendly push in order to take the next step. That friendly push is what my action plan provides: the BIZZ Road Map, based on practical Buddhist principles. The action plan that I use myself and which made me aware that I can work differently: smarter. You can find the BIZZ Road Map in my free ebook ‘Rethink your business’. Download it now.

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