Making a difference in the world

Men still get better paid, better jobs and more management positions. But women make more impact in the world!

When women truly access their full potential, they are capable of making a big difference in this world.

For that reason I help women entrepreneurs who truly want to make a contribution. Women with a mission. Women who want to grow. Women who want to experience financial independence in their lives, and out of their passion and talents want to do the things which make them and their clients happy.

It all began with an idea…

After 13 years of working as independent accountant on an hourly-rate basis, I was tired. I was often insecure and stressed about getting enough work. I wanted to grow, but without putting in more hours. I wanted to travel more and be able to work everywhere on something which made me happy and brought happiness to others.

Every time I speak with women entrepreneurs about their business, my brain instantly goes into overdrive.
And I immediately think of solutions to their problems.

That makes me happy. I feel the passion.
I asked myself how I could channel my creativity and passion into a product with which I could help all women entrepreneurs who have challenges.
Women entrepreneurs who, just like me, want to develop a product which will make a difference in the world and also make money in a more creative way than based on an hourly rate.

Women who feel the passion and really go for it, believing in themselves.

Buddhism and the BIZZ Road Map

It took me years to discover that the key to everything is your mind-set and your personal value(s). Letting go of your fears and limiting beliefs concerning money that stand in the way of your business, and to trust yourself, and your intuition. You have the wisdom in you, but the challenge is to really listen to it. Not as easy as it sounds for an accountant, I can tell you that!
I am a champion at making mistakes but also a champion at setting goals and achieving them. I needed structure, an action plan and that’s why I created the BIZZ Road Map. A path that I follow myself, through my ups and downs.
What helps me the most to overcome my challenges, is my Buddhist way of living.
I concealed for years the fact I am a Buddhist because I thought most people would find the concept of a Buddhist accountant weird.

Actually this is a wonderful combination and I can no longer view them separately.  The interaction of 2 worlds: the rational world of the accountant with its practical solutions, and the intuitive world of the Buddhist, overcoming challenges through wisdom and action.
I began seeing challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. And these experiences I can then share with others, in order to help them.
What attracted me the most in Buddhism is the concept that “each day is a new beginning.” Also that Buddhism is action, whereby I myself am responsible for my actions, and also for their consequences. Practical Buddhist principles based on ACTION are woven into all steps of the BIZZ Road Map.
I knew I was on the right path because helping women entrepreneurs filled me with joy.

What is more fulfilling than to heal with your passion, the pain of your clients finding the best possible creative solution?

Coaching cards

I have another great passion: coaching cards. Cards provide insight and I love the game. It is always full of surprises and AHA moments.

At every game session my clients and I are amazed by the results achieved with the cards.
I believe that when you intuitively choose a card, you always get the one that you actually need at that moment.

Besides using cards of others, I use the BIZZ Road Map coaching cards I developed myself. For me, successful entrepreneurship is a matter of winning, and not giving up, with a laugh and a tear on the way.

My motto is: “A day without laughing, is a day without living”
It is a long journey from an idea to a successful business. However persistence wins! I hope that the BIZZ Road Map can help you to win in this challenge!