Do you want to change your business?

Work smarter, achieve more balance and better results?
Are you looking for a strategy and an action plan? A strategy that inspires you, brings fire (back) to your business, provides peace of mind and more balance in your life?

Then this card game is meant for you! To work on your business with pleasure and fun.

Insights, assignments and actions will help you to reach your (financial) goals.

Break through old patterns of thinking and make room for creative ideas. Challenge yourself by committing to actions with deadlines which you set yourself. This card game is made up of 44 cards based on 10 steps (the BIZZ Road Map) covering aspects such as mind-set and personal value(s), ideal client and products, a different revenue stream and strategic partners. The most important steps towards growth and success, based on practical Buddhist principles which help you to access your personal power and to really take action. It is all about focus: doing the right things at the right time.

What clients said about the Creating Value Cards:

Caroline: “The cards really helped me. I would use them myself because they enable me to clear my head and finally to take steps. I drew exactly the cards I needed”.

Heleen: “The cards helped me reach new insights. Inspiring! This tastes like more! I am curious about the other cards.”

Yttje:” The cards reinforced my own idea/feeling. You are taken outside your comfort zone to think outside the box.”

Roos: “Very surprising to draw the card you need. This gathered even more value in the group context.”

Erna: “It was a revealing session, which broadened and made accessible a path that had just appeared.”

Susan:” What helped me the most was putting my thoughts into words and the questions of the other women.”

Download 4 cards for free to see if the Creating Value Cards can help you to get new insights and lead to new actions in your business.