Did you set goals for the New Year?

Why is Setting Goals difficult? 

  1. Like me, you have set goals and failed to reach them. But that doesn’t mean nothing. Keep on setting goals!
  2. Sometimes it’s hard for us to decide what our goals ARE.
  3. We are afraid we won’t reach our goals or afraid we WILL reach them, and then regret the outcome.

How can we set goals for the New Year and achieve them?

I will tell you in 3 video’s how to do this and this is video 1.

What goals dit you set for the New Year?

Share your goals with others by leaving a message in the comment box underneath!

Thank you and enjoy!


“This Lifetime will never come again; it is precious and irreplaceable. 

To live without regret, it is crucial for us to have a concrete purpose 

and continually set goals and challenges for ourselves. 

It is equally important that we keep moving toward specific targets 

steadily and tenaciously, one step at a time.” 

Daisaku Ikeda

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