More clients? Determine your core values and mission

After you’ve gained insight in your money mindset, you can determine your core values and mission. How does your product or service benefit your potential customer? What is the added value? If you can solve a problem for your clients and it’s also something you love to do, you create value for your clients.

As preparation for my first expert session I asked my clients to write down the answers to the questions in the BIZZ Road Map. After reading all the answers I came to the conclusion that most of my clients only had a vague concept of what the core values of their company were. What they were offering their client was not in line with their ideals and convictions. Clients didn’t come, or didn’t stay.

What are core values?

Core values constitute the identity of your company. They enable clients to trust you. Core values state what your company stands for, what your vision is and what you believe in (what is important to you?). Alongside your mindset, core values constitute the foundation of your company and your success.

Your personal core values need to be the same as the values you promote through your business. We often do not take this into consideration when we start a company or discover that we are not attracting the ideal client who shares our values.

Choosing core values

Choosing core values for your business is not an easy task. What is or was your motivation for starting a business? Maybe there are connections there to your core values.

It is important not to choose too many values. Write down the top 3. Choose values which align with what you find important in life, for example: freedom, creativity, integrity, honesty, responsibility, cooperation etcetera.

Many women find it hard to name their values. A simple question is “What do you teach your children?” In choosing core values, it is important to first properly analyse your own company. By making a list of your ideals and beliefs, you will rapidly get to a top 3.

Why are core values so important for your success?

Actually, the answer is simple. What you think, say and do, needs to be congruently aligned. If this is not the case, the client will feel it and will not trust you. Your business choices are based on your core values. And your mindset is important here too: if you don’t believe in your own values, who will? So, in effect you need to start with your own values before you can give added value to your client. The key therefore lies in your own values.

My story

Part of my money mindset is my core values. When I started my business I asked myself what is important in my life. What did I wanted to achieve? For me, freedom is very important. I want to feel free and that includes also financial freedom. Having the freedom to do anything that’s makes me happy. Also helping others is very important in my life. With every step I make I think how this contributes to my core values and my happiness.

What’s your story?

What’s your top 3 of core values? I’d love to hear it. Share it with me in the comments section below.

Are you ready for change?

You can create your own success by focussing on the right things. But sometimes we need help, a friendly push in order to take the next step. That friendly push is what my action plan provides: the BIZZ Road Map, based on practical Buddhist principles. The action plan that I use myself and which made me aware that I can work differently: smarter. You can find the BIZZ Road Map in my free ebook ‘Rethink your business’. Download it now.

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