Who is your ideal client and where do you find them?

After determining your own core values and mission, ask yourself: who is your ideal client and where do you find them? Be as specific as possible to describe your ideal customer. What relationship do you want to develop with your customers? What channels do you use to reach them?

Experience shows that choosing a specific targeted group, that you have a lot of information on, (their age, occupation, problems, their location, lifestyle, values and beliefs), helps to find your clients. You learn what their problems are, what language they speak and how you can help them.

Write down what challenges they experience. What results do they want to achieve and why? By speaking their language and expressing their challenges you attract these clients.

Choose a targeted group

Who is your ideal client? Write this down and be as specific as possible. The clearer this is to you, the easier it will be to find these clients and to communicate with them.

Also, write down through which channels you want to reach these clients.

I had a hard time to determine who is my ideal client. I wanted to help everybody, but this didn’t attract anybody, because nobody recognized themselves in the messages I sent out. 

But it was really simple. 

A marketing specialist, who asks clients to fill in a questionnaire to determine their ideal client, shared with me that their ideal client description was actually a reflection of themselves. So, in effect, you are your own ideal client. What we value in ourselves is then really what we want to see in our ideal client.

What’s your story?

Do you know your ideal client? I’d love to hear it and get to know you and your business a bit better through your answer. Could you share it with me in the comments?

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