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Set your financial goals!

reach your goals
If you want to reach better results, then you have to set daily goals. Goals bring out the best in us. So set your financial goals yearly, monthly and weekly. It all begins with an intention, an ardent…
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Are you a leader?

In Buddhism leadership is very important. Leaders can lead other people to a better world, to happiness and success. So, becoming a leader is an important thing.  It is the same for your business. As your business grows,…
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What is your biggest challenge?

risk management woman binoculars
There is no entrepreneurship without risks. What are your challenges and risks in your business? Learn how to look ahead by determining your challenges and take action. My story As you know, I am a Buddhist. Buddhism is ACTION….
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Is your business model profitable? What you focus on grows..

girl writing an overview
What does your financial picture look like: profit or loss? Are there opportunities that can improve your results? To measure is to know, so create an overview of your costs and revenues. For many women entrepreneurs, this is…
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Did you find your ideal strategic partner?

strategic partners
A great way to grow your business is to find a strategic partner, somebody you can join forces with. Did you find your ideal strategic partner yet? Who are the strategic partners you want to work with? Who…

How do you make your money?

girl with laptop
In business it is all about making money. Do you still work on an hourly fee or did you choose a different way of earning money? What revenue model do you use? Which fees and prices belong to that…
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Start thinking bigger! Create products

women making a business video
It is time to think bigger.. When you have figured out exactly who your ideal client is, you can discover which products and services will satisfy your client’s greatest needs. Which key activities do you perform to realise…
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Who is your ideal client and where do you find them?

student group with tablets
After determining your own core values and mission, ask yourself: who is your ideal client and where do you find them? Be as specific as possible to describe your ideal customer. What relationship do you want to develop…
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More clients? Determine your core values and mission

After you’ve gained insight in your money mindset, you can determine your core values and mission. How does your product or service benefit your potential customer? What is the added value? If you can solve a problem for…
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Start with your money mindset

woman holding bank notes
You have a brilliant idea, work on basis of hourly fee and you want to use your talents and change your business model for better results. Here starts the road to a profitable business model. Do you have…