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Is your business model profitable? What you focus on grows..

girl writing an overview
What does your financial picture look like: profit or loss? Are there opportunities that can improve your results? To measure is to know, so create an overview of your costs and revenues. For many women entrepreneurs, this is…

How do you make your money?

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In business it is all about making money. Do you still work on an hourly fee or did you choose a different way of earning money? What revenue model do you use? Which fees and prices belong to that…
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How do you achieve goals? Take Action!

dream wish
You have a dream wish and you are determined to achieve this. You have set a goal, a goal you really want to achieve. You changed your mindset in a mindset of victory and determination. And then? What…
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Did you set goals for the New Year?

Why is Setting Goals difficult?  Like me, you have set goals and failed to reach them. But that doesn’t mean nothing. Keep on setting goals! Sometimes it’s hard for us to decide what our goals ARE. We are…