What is your biggest challenge?

There is no entrepreneurship without risks. What are your challenges and risks in your business?

Learn how to look ahead by determining your challenges and take action.

My story

As you know, I am a Buddhist. Buddhism is ACTION. Knowing that I can create anything and that is not depending on the circumstances I am in. I am responsible for every thought I have, for everything I say and do. I have aways a choice, even for the emotions I feel.

Challenges are moments for growth. Knowing my challenges in my business I can determine to overcome them and this will lead to action. Doing the same thing again and again will lead to the same results. So, to overcome my challenges I have to think, speak and act differently. It all starts with awareness. Being aware of what is going on in my business: what blocks me and what helps me.

Buddhism and the BIZZ Road Map

After 13 years of working as independent accountant on an hourly-rate basis, I was tired. I wanted to grow, but without putting in more hours. I looked at my own business model and my risks. I wondered if I could sell my business if I wanted to. What would happen with my business if I got sick or older?

It took me years to discover that the key to everything is my mind-set and my personal value(s). To start to think in a different way about my business, means letting go of my fears & limiting beliefs and to trust myself, and my intuition. It took me awhile to discover that I have the wisdom in me, but the challenge is to really listen to it.
I needed structure, an action plan and that’s why I created the BIZZ Road Map. A path that I follow myself, through my ups and downs. What helps me the most to overcome my challenges, is to see these challenges as something positive in my life. To see them as opportunities for learning and growth.
What attracted me the most in Buddhism is the concept that “each day is a new beginning.” I don’t beat myself up when things don’t go my way. I don’t give up, I just start over again, knowing I will win in the end.

Business model

Your business model is an ongoing process. Every now and then it needs attention to see if there is a need for improvements.

Before you can determine the challenges and risks involved with your business, it’s important to make an financial overview of your business. This will help you to clearly see on what you have to focus.
It’s easier than you think, learn it over here.

Got it? Okay, now it’s time to look at where your challenges and risks lie. 

Change starts with awareness… So, write down your biggest challenge. Think of: strategy, new products/ services, personnel, sales, technology, collaboration, financing, international, sustainable.
Why is this your biggest challenge and how can you resolve it?

Write down what you can improve. And describe what action points you are going to take. Always anticipate, that is so valuable for your business. Look ahead and aim for covering the risks that you can already foresee. This is how you can decide on your strategy.

What’s your story?

I’m curious, what are the challenges in your business? And how do you tackle them? Be creative. Share it with me in the comments.

Are you ready for real change?

You can create your own success by focussing on the right things. But sometimes we need help, a friendly push in order to take the next step. That friendly push is what my action plan provides: the BIZZ Road Map, based on practical Buddhist principles. The action plan that I use myself and which made me aware that I can work differently: smarter. You can find the BIZZ Road Map in my free ebook ‘Rethink your business’. Download it here:

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